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A woman cries as pro-Russia militants parade to mark Donetsk and Lugansk regions' independence from Ukraine in Donetsk on May 25, 2014/ AFP PHOTO/ ALEXANDER KHUDOTEPLY

David Kotz: Russia and Ukraine Tensions Could Draw U.S. and NATO Into Nation’s Civil War | Between The Lines

An offensive by Ukraine’s military in recent weeks has succeeded in recapturing territory once held ...

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Matthew Hoh Discusses the U.S. Bombings in Iraq | YouTube

The in-fighting in Iraq is at it’s highest point since Saddam Hussein was still alive. The nation is split into three different factions. The Iraqi government, the Kurds and the Sunni muslim group known as ISIS or the Islamic State.

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Screenshot from YouTube user ayman aloul

Rubble Bucket challenge: Palestine reporter adapts craze for Gaza peace | RT News

A Palestinian journalist has started a new internet trend in Gaza, “the Rubble Bucket challenge,” playing on the popularity of the “Ice Bucket challenge,” which has conjured up a social media storm.

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Analysts Warn about Fragility of Peace in Macedonia | Global Voices

Austrian political scientist and blogger Florian Bieber recently provided an overview of the troubling inter-ethnic situation in Macedonia in article titled “Macedonia on the Brink”. Bieber's in-depth piece provides a window into the aftermath of the recent series of initially violent ethnic clashes in Macedonia and peaceful protests.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Still Out of Control | Stanley Heller

Over the last century sea level has risen less than a foot, but because of just that rise the surge from Hurricane Sandy flooded a good chunk of lower Manhattan. Climate rallies will take place in NYC on Sept. 21 and in Bridgeport, Conn., on Sept. 13. Please go.

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Medea Benjamin in 2014 (photo: cjzurcher)

One Year After Egypt’s Rab’a Massacre, US Still Funding Repression | Medea Benjamin

The systematic and intentional killing of unarmed protesters is a crime against humanity and those responsible should be investigated and held accountable.

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Mazin Qumsiyeh (photo: Carolin Smith)

Act For Gaza | Mazin Qumsiyeh

Palestinian Civil society organizations and public figures are calling on the world to demand the opening of the Rafah crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

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Medea Benjamin in 2014 (photo: cjzurcher)

Conflict Resolution 101: Talking With Hamas | Medea Benjamin

The world awaits with bated breath to see if the interim truce negotiated by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will lead to a long-term ceasefire.

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Thousands surrounded a nuclear weapons complex in the United Kingdom to call for disarmament earlier this month. (Wool not Weapons)

Thousands surround British nuclear weapons factory in seven-mile-long ‘peace scarf’ | Waging Nonviolence

Earlier this month, thousands of people staged a massive protest in the United Kingdom in which they surrounded a nuclear weapons factory complex in Berkshire with a “peace scarf” to advocate for nuclear disarmament.

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Sister Megan, Greg and Michael spray-painted a number of messages onto the Y-12 property. (PBR / U.S. Government)

To remain in prison for the rest of my life is the greatest honor you could give me: the story of Sister Megan Rice | openDemocracy

Where does moral courage come from - the energy and strength to challenge and transform much larger powers? A prison correspondence provides some answers.

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An Iskander missile in launch position (wikimedia commons)

Russia May be Deploying Missile Tied to Treaty Violation | Global Security Newswire

A U.S. analyst says Russia may be putting a new type of missile into launch-ready position, despite its link to an intensifying nuclear feud with Washington.

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Support the Marshall Islands for a Nuclear Free World | Peace Action

To protect humanity’s future, we support the Marshall Islands, a small island nation who is courageously seeking to enforce the Nuclear Zero promise - a world free of nuclear weapons

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Middle East

How the US Enables Israel | CounterPunch

Many Americans may think this foreign policy issue doesn’t concern them. If they think about this issue at all, many say that it’s not our business and we should just let them fight it out. However the US has been deeply involved in this conflict since before Israel declared its existence.

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Screenshot from YouTube user ayman aloul

Rubble Bucket challenge: Palestine reporter adapts craze for Gaza peace | RT News

A Palestinian journalist has started a new internet trend in Gaza, “the Rubble Bucket challenge,” playing on the popularity of the “Ice Bucket challenge,” which has conjured up a social media storm.

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Five Questions Congress Needs to Ask the President on Iraq | FCNL

Here are some hard questions Congress should ask the president about the direction of U.S. policy and the unintended consequences of new U.S. military action.

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Welcome to Extremistan | Foreign Policy

At some point, even the fractures that this period of unrest has revealed in the old maps of this region marking its deeply-flawed colonialist legacy, leave us with a perspective that helps us see where the work needs to be done to stabilize the region, even if it also describes the potentially catastrophic cost of failing to follow through on that work.

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Human Rights

Peace in the Arts

Latin America




13-21 year olds eligible for trip to UN Climate Summit

If you’re 13–21 years old, you have the most to lose from climate change. The world’s leaders need to know you want answers — so ask them a tough question.

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New Haven event aims to promote peace, help end violence | The New Haven Register

White balloons and doves will fill the skies, as the families of homicide victims gather to honor their loved ones at the second annual “Decrease The Violence Increase The Peace” event.

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Maine Walk For Peace And A Sustainable Future Oct. 11-20 |

The goal of the walk is to connect various communities that have become reliant on military production for jobs.

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National Service of Mourning in Remembrance of Those Who Have Died in Palestine and Israel Sept. 3, Washington, DC | Office of Public Witness

In response to the most recent violence in Israel-Palestine, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is joining ...

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Watch John Oliver Brilliantly Destroy the Myth of Economic Mobility in America |

In just 15 minutes, John Oliver perfectly summed up the utter absurdity of America's attitude toward income inequality.

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The Pentagon (wikimedia.commons)

Nixing the Pentagon Slush Fund Why do we have two military budgets? | Ryan Alexander,

There are legitimate reasons to have a contingency budget to deal with unforeseen crises. Historically, that kind of spending has fallen into the relatively small $2-3 billion range.

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$570B on nukes over the next decade? Tell Obama ‘Please, No.’ | PSR

The government is projected to spend $570 billion on nukes over the next decade. Maintaining an arsenal of over 5,000 nuclear weapons just makes no sense.

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The big problem with the ‘Cuban Twitter’ plan | The Washington Post

Today's big Associated Press story about the United States apparently creating a "Cuban Twitter" to help foment dissent in the country has caused a big stir.

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Parsing the East Asian Powder Keg | Conn M. Hallinan

A major cause of current tensions in the East and South China seas are two documents that most Americans have either forgotten about or don’t know exist.

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Tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents march on a downtown street. (AP photo Kin Cheung)

Hong Kong Government Arrests Hundreds Of Democracy Protesters, Warns ‘Violence Is Imminent’ | ThinkProgress

Police in Hong Kong early Wednesday morning arrested more than 500 protesters after the city’s annual protest to encourage more democracy in the territory.

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In this photo released by South Korean Unification Ministry, Lee Duk-haeng, right, the head of South Korea's working-level delegation, shakes hands with his North Korean counterpart, Park Yong Il, during their meeting at Tongilgak in the North Korean side of Panmunjom on Feb. 5. On Wednesday, the two sides are scheduled to hold their highest-level talks in years. (photo: South Korean Unification Ministry)

North Korea’s Peace Commission Is Very Bad At Its Job | ThinkProgress

One might assume that the statements issued by the "Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea" would be full of diplomatic language, urging an end to the war that officially is still ongoing between North and South Korea. But given the Committee’s place as a communications arm of the North Korean government, that’s not the case.

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Japan to China: Let’s Talk Regional Peace, but Meanwhile We Will Arm Our Neighbors | T. Dean Reed

by T. Dean Reed Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe’s declaration of aid for Asian countries, ...

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