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nuclear waste shipping containers

Bury excess plutonium, don’t turn it into fuel, study says | Center for Public Integrity

Building plant to convert material to nuclear fuel too costly

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DeLauro Statement of Support for Iran Nuclear Agreement

NEW HAVEN, CT—Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) today announced her support for the Iran nuclear agreement, ...

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Audio: Urgent UFPJ Conference Call on Iran Agreement | United for Peace

Listen to streaming audio of the United for Peace August 12 live national conference call ...

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Video: Remembering Civil Rights Freedom Fighter Julian Bond Who Chaired NAACP, Co-founded SNCC | Democracy Now!

DemocracyNow! remembers the life of civil rights pioneer Julian Bond, who died on Saturday at the age of 75.

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Medea Benjamin in 2014 (photo: cjzurcher)

Who’s the Real Troublemaker in the Middle East? | Medea Benjamin

Iran’s no democratic paradise, but Washington’s Saudi allies are even worse.

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A Critical Look at ‘Uranium: Twisting the Dragon’s Tail’ | Stanley Heller via Truthdig

... The film lacks a firm conclusion. Visually and emotionally, it’s all over the place. It should have been more like “Jurassic Park,” featuring brilliant techies that construct a huge edifice while not noticing the shaky foundations.

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Medea Benjamin in 2014 (photo: cjzurcher)

Salvador’s Draconian Abortion Laws: A Miscarriage of Justice | Michael Avender, Medea Benjamin

As the women of Latin America continue to struggle for autonomy over their bodies, freeing the Salvadoran 17 is a critical step in addressing this gross miscarriage of justice.

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Forum: Congress: Vote for the Iran peace agreement | Henry Lowendorf and Megan Iorio

It is no coincidence that those who are lobbying against the Iran deal are the same people who lobbied to go war with Iraq ....

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Obama pledged to reduce nuclear arsenal, then came this weapon — the B61-12 | Reveal

How the controversial new B61-12 bomb entered the U.S. arsenal of weapons is a tale of the extraordinary influence of the "nuclear enterprise."

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An atmospheric nuclear test conducted by the United States at Enewetak Atoll, Marshall Islands, on 1 November 1952. Photo: US Government

Marshall Islands Appeals U.S. Court’s Dismissal of Nuclear Zero Lawsuit | Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

The Marshall Islands has filed an Appeal Brief at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals as part of its Nuclear Zero Lawsuit against the United States.

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The US Should Eliminate Its Nuclear Arsenal – Not ‘Modernize’ It | David Krieger via Truthout

The US should be working toward the elimination of nuclear weapons.

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Call for Sanity on Sixtieth Anniversary of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto | Let’s Try Democracy

Sixty years after Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell issued their manifesto about the growing threat of world war, the globe continues to face the prospect of nuclear annihilation

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Middle East

Dozens of Christian and Muslim Palestinians march against planned route of the separation barrier, Beit Jala, West Bank, August 23, 2015. (photo: Oren Ziv/

Video: Christian, Muslim Palestinians protest separation wall route | +972 Magazine

Days after the army uprooted Palestinian-owned olive trees to pave the route of the separation barrier in Beit Jala, Christians and Muslims from the town hold a joint protest to try and put a stop to the plan.

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Palestinians bid Jon Stewart a fond farewell | Al Jazeera

The truth is that Jon Stewart has basically stood alone when it comes to Palestine, writes Amer Zahr.

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Yale Divinity School graduate Gregory Williams is photographed in Marquand Chapel at the Yale Divinity School in New Haven. Arnold Gold — New Haven Register

New Haven protester says ‘direct action’ key to change | New Haven Register

For Greg Williams ... direct action, even when it leads to disruption, is the only way to bring attention to what he see as an unjust situation.

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Video: Has Iran cut off Hamas? Is Hamas turning to Saudi Arabia? | Juan Cole (Informed Comment)

Newsweek is reporting that Iran has cut off funding to Hamas in Gaza, citing Israeli journalism and Hamas sources.

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Human Rights

Peace in the Arts

Latin America




Save the Date — Ecology, Economy and Ethics: Mobilizing for a Just Transition Sept. 16, 2015 NYC

This conference will cover topics from divestment to energy ethics to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and with a special session on linking locally-rooted struggles to our broader climate movement.

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An excellent film series on State sponsored violence continues Aug 15 in New Haven

An excellent film series on State sponsored violence continues with a documentary on “depleted,” that is radioactive and toxic uranium splayed over the populations of Serbia and Iraq this coming Saturday, Aug. 15. at Mitchell Library in Westville.

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Doves fly over Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park during the ceremony to mark the 68th anniversary of the bombing, Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013. (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi)

Hiroshima/Nagasaki events in New Haven, Conn.

This week the peace community will hold events to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the loss of lives of hundreds of thousands of people from the dropping of the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the resulting radiation poisoning.

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Rise Up and Sing: Hope & change through song — Friday, Oct. 16 | Promoting Enduring Peace

Rise Up and Sing: Hope + change through song Oct. 16 featuring: Annie Patterson and Peter Blood with The Nields, Charlie King and Sally Rogers

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How to Destroy a War Economy | Foreign Policy

To end the conflicts plaguing Africa, the United States needs to follow the money being made off of them — and stop it.

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VIDEO: Lawrence Lessig Wants to Be a ‘Referendum President’ to Fix the Rigged System, Then Resign | Truthdig

Lawrence Lessig Wants to Be a ‘Referendum President’ to Fix the Rigged System, Then Resign

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Protesters in Melbourne, Australia, decry the continued mining and export of coal. (Takver via Flickr)

Economic changes needed to tackle climate challenges | Climate News Network

A meeting building towards the Paris climate summit hears Ireland’s president call for a new economic order to address the threats of global warming.

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Erik Loomis (Photo: Timothy George)

Resistance Is Needed to End Corporate Toxic Zones | Truthout

Corporations slither through lax regulations and take advantage of poor people around the world and people of color to create zones of toxicity and exploitation.

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Stitching Korea Back Together | Jodie Evans, CodePink

The unresolved Korean conflict gives all governments in the region justification to further militarize and prepare for war, depriving funds for schools, hospitals, and the welfare of the people and the environment. That’s why women are walking for peace, to reunite families, and end the state of war in Korea.

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In this 2012 photo, Indian police officers prepare to remove a Greenpeace activist. India has barred the organisation from receiving foreign funds. Photograph: Uncredited/AP

Greenpeace India crackdown: US seeks ‘clarification’ on action against groups | The Guardian

Critics say New Delhi’s move to restrict funding to Greenpeace and the Ford Foundation is an attempt to stifle voices that oppose Narendra Modi’s views

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South Korea should free conscientious objectors to military service, Amnesty says | WaPo

The human rights group said that more than 600 South Korean men are imprisoned each year for being conscientious objectors, often with devastating social and economic consequences.

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Nomads depend on security to take their livestock to the pastures in the mountains that have been harboring PKK members for decades. (AA Photo)

Peace in the southeast clears way for nomads | Daily Sabah

Once afraid of traveling to mountain pastures stalked by PKK terrorists, nomads in southeastern Turkey are returning to the green plateaus as the reconciliation process to end terrorism moves forward.

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