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Vladimir Putin Declares All Military Deaths State Secrets | Truthdig

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared that all military deaths—in peacetime as well as wartime—will be classified as state secrets.

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The fossil-fuel industry’s campaign to mislead the American people | Washington Post

Fossil fuel companies and their allies are funding a massive and sophisticated campaign to mislead the American people about the environmental harm caused by carbon pollution.

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US Kneejerk support for Israeli Nukes Torpedoes UN Disarmament Talks | Informed Comment

After four weeks of negotiations, a revised UN treaty on nuclear disarmament has been torpedoed by the United States, leaving the issue of global disarmament dead in the water for the next five years.

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U.N. nuclear conference collapses over WMD-free zone in the Middle East | Washington Post

An attempt to strengthen and expand the world’s premier arms-control treaty ended in failure

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The Deadly Gas Carbon Dioxide | Stanley Heller

On Sunday, May 31, 2015, hundreds will march in Hartford to protest our current ultra-dangerous path. Promoting Enduring Peace is a co-sponsor as is a whole list of environment, civic and labor groups.

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Medea Benjamin in 2014 (photo: cjzurcher)

Hillary the Hawk | Charles Davis, Medea Benjamin

Announcing her latest campaign for the presidency, Hillary Clinton declared she was entering the race to be the champion for “everyday Americans.”

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Medea Benjamin in 2014 (photo: cjzurcher)

Cuba’s Coming Out Party at the Summit of the Americas | Medea Benjamin

Is the U.S. government really accepting Cuba as a sovereign nation that has chosen a different path? Or is it simply trying to overthrow the Cuban government by different means?

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Excerpt from the Human Rights Newsletter from Mazin Qumsiyeh

Today in Palestine and many parts of the world is traditionally mothers' day on the first day of Spring. The colorful carpets of flowers in the fields are the gift of Palestine to the mothers. My own mother is emblematic of Palestinian mothers.

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(Creative Commons: By 200MoreMontrealStencils James Stencilowsky)

Talk Nation Radio: Tim Wright: 107 Nations Now Want to Ban Nukes | Let’s Try Democracy

There are now 107 nations committed to legally banning the possession, production, or use of nuclear weapons.

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It’s Not Diplomacy, It’s an Arms Fair | Foreign Policy

William Hartung wrote the article "It’s Not Diplomacy, It’s an Arms Fair," about the White House "summit" with leaders from Arabian Peninsula monarchies ....

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Human Rights Watch: Saudi-Led Coalition Bombing Yemen with Banned U.S.-Made Cluster Munitions | Democracy Now!

The U.N. and several major human rights groups have raised the possibility of war crimes in the scores of documented bombings so far.

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Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Launches Campaign to Stop Killer Robots After Winning Ban on Landmines | Democracy Now!

"Imagine a drone that has been programmed so that once it takes off by itself, flies around, and decides that this whole room is a target. Who is accountable? Is it Lockheed Martin, who built it? You certainly can’t bring the drone to trial."

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Middle East

On May 13th and 14th, 2015, President Obama hosted a billionaire conglomerate known as the Gulf Cooperation Council, consisting of Middle East countries Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Oman, at which he said: 'I am reaffirming our ironclad commitment to the security of our gulf partners.'

Why has the US invaded, occupied or bombed 14 Muslim countries in 30 years? | Stop the War Coalition

After the sacrifice of thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars, the Middle East is now a cauldron of death and destruction.

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BBC admits breaching its own rules by broadcasting pro-Israel propaganda | Stop the War Coalition

Will the BBC change its ways now Palestine Solidarity Campaign has forced it to admit pro-Israeli bias in its broadcasts and online articles?

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No Gaza, No Peace | Foreign Policy

A lasting settlement in the Holy Land is still possible. But Israel must end the siege on Gaza first.

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Roger Waters (wikimedia)

Waters educates Warwick on Palestine history | RSN

Dionne Warwick called me out by name in asserting she'd play Tel Aviv. Here's what she misunderstands

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Human Rights

Peace in the Arts

Latin America



A peace sign printed on the American Flag is raised during a protest against the Vietnam War in Washington, D.C. (photo: Archive / History Channel)

Climate Health Summit Sept. 20, D.C. | PSR

The Climate Health Summit will inform participants about the health implications of climate change and the health benefits of climate solutions

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Physicians for Social Responsibility Upcoming Events

May 5, 2015 Coal, Air Pollution, and Air QualityPSR’s Dr. Alan Lockwood speaks at “Clearing the Air: ...

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CT Climate March, noon, Sunday, May 31, State Capitol, 300 Capitol Ave, Hartford

400,000 people marched in New York City - now it's time to march in Connecticut!

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Graffiti on the Israeli-Palestine separation barrier — 5 p.m. Thursday, April 30, New Britain

Dror Maayan will show his works and talk about his experience of photographing the graffiti on the separation barrier, followed by artist-audience dialogue.

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It’s time for a new economic system — A talk with Gar Alperovitz | WNV

It is possible to build a new and better America beyond the failed systems of the past and present

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Marathon Petroleum refinery in Canton, Ohio, got a job subsidy scheme worth $78m when it started in 2011. Photograph: PR

US taxpayers subsidizing world’s biggest fossil fuel companies | The Guardian

Shell, ExxonMobil and Marathon Petroleum got subsidies granted by politicians who received significant campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry

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Executives from the financial institutions who received TARP funds, (L-R) Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein, JPMorgan Chase & Co Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon, The Bank of New York Mellon CEO Robert P. Kelly, Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis and State Street Corporation CEO and Chairman Ronald Logue testify before the House Financial Services Committee February 11, 2009 in Washington, DC. (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Wall Street Titans Who Crashed Global Economy in 2008 Go Big for TPP | Common Dreams

As billionaire class and financial elites push corporate-friendly pact, new data shows empty promises and 'job-killing' reality of previous agreements

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Senator Bernie Sanders. (photo:

Bernie Sanders Calls for ‘Political Revolution’ Against Billionaire Class | The Guardian

Self-described socialist and 2016 U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders takes aim at influence of big money and criticizes Clinton Foundation, Koch brothers and others

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In this 2012 photo, Indian police officers prepare to remove a Greenpeace activist. India has barred the organisation from receiving foreign funds. Photograph: Uncredited/AP

Greenpeace India crackdown: US seeks ‘clarification’ on action against groups | The Guardian

Critics say New Delhi’s move to restrict funding to Greenpeace and the Ford Foundation is an attempt to stifle voices that oppose Narendra Modi’s views

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South Korea should free conscientious objectors to military service, Amnesty says | WaPo

The human rights group said that more than 600 South Korean men are imprisoned each year for being conscientious objectors, often with devastating social and economic consequences.

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Nomads depend on security to take their livestock to the pastures in the mountains that have been harboring PKK members for decades. (AA Photo)

Peace in the southeast clears way for nomads | Daily Sabah

Once afraid of traveling to mountain pastures stalked by PKK terrorists, nomads in southeastern Turkey are returning to the green plateaus as the reconciliation process to end terrorism moves forward.

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Rajendra Singh believes conservation is vital to combat future “water wars” and climate change. (photo: Deccan Chronicle)

‘Water Man of India’ makes rivers flow again | Climate News Network

Revival of traditional rainwater harvesting has transformed the driest state in India, and could be used to combat the effects of climate change across the world.

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