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A Good ‘START’ to a World Free of Nuclear Weapons

“Having had the opportunity today to join the audience hearing Vice President Joe Biden’s speech outlining the Administration’s approach to managing the U.S. nuclear arsenal, strengthening nonproliferation and reducing nuclear risks, I am struck again by their strong rhetorical commitment to “take concrete steps toward a world without nuclear weapons.” …

It is time for the United States to discard the outdated and ineffective Cold War thinking that no longer serves our national security interests. Put most simply, we will be safer with fewer nuclear weapons in the world.  When it comes to our national security, nuclear weapons are a liability and not an asset”

PEPeace comment: Momentum is building toward the nuclear NPT actions in May. There was a dramatic conference at Quinnipiac University yesterday emphasizing the imminent dangers of nuclear war and the actions needed to achieve nuclear weapons abolition. Much work needs to be done and you can join this growing movement.

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