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Peacebuilding Peacelearning Intensive, Aug. 1-7, Wilmington, Ohio

The Peacebuilding Peacelearning Intensive (PPI) is a one-week learning program for people who wish to create significant, meaningful and sustainable change in their communities.

Your summer is valuable – so is giving back to your community and contributing to positive change across the country. Spend a week this summer learning practical knowledge and skills and developing essential competencies needed to build peace.

Put this learning into action by designing a practical change initiative for your community, business, school or organization. The National Peace Academy will provide ongoing coaching and guidance for project development after you return home.

Explore transformations in thinking and behavior for bringing about positively focused change through attending to issues of community health, poverty, violence and sustainability.

Who Should Attend?
You! If you are interested in:

• safe and healthy communities
• environmental sustainability
• sustainable economic development
• democracy and engaged citizenship
• organizations contributing to the common good
• interfaith understanding
• multicultural and international understanding
• nonviolence and conflict transformation
• social and economic justice and human rights

The PPI community is open to all concerned citizens, especially non-formal and pre-k/12 educators, administrators, college faculty, students, policymakers, community workers and organizers, businesses and media.

People are encouraged to participate in teams as it provides a greater opportunity for effective, sustainable application of the learning beyond the Intensive. Discounts are given for teams of 3 or more.

All PPI instructors are edu-learners: “practitioner/theorist(s) whose primary activity is learning while trying to help other people learn.“ Confirmed edu-learners for the 2010 PPI include: Patti Bailie, Janet Gerson, Tony Jenkins, Patricia Mische, Betty Reardon, Patty Roeding, Dale Snauwaert, and National Peace Academy Staff: Mike Abkin, Lou Ensel, Kristin Famula, Paula Guarnaccia, and Dot Maver. Bios of edu-learners are available here.

PPI Flyer (pdf)

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