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Trident: Deadly – and very, very expensive | The Guardian

It is our last line of defense in the event of nuclear war. But Trident also costs billions. Will the coalition government dare to scrap it?

Three years ago, with support from the Conservatives, Labour pushed through the controversial decision to renew the Trident system. This new system would cost £97bn over its 30-year lifetime, according to a study for Greenpeace. Until Nick Clegg popped up during the election campaign to argue that the government should be looking at cheaper alternatives, both Labour and the Tories were vowing that the upcoming Strategic Defence Review into the armed forces would not include any discussion of Trident.Now, however, the political and economic landscape stands transformed, and the issue of Trident is being seriously debated again for the first time in a generation.

via Trident: Deadly – and very, very expensive | UK news | The Guardian.

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