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Chevron, Clean Up Your Mess in the Amazon!

Amnesty International is saying that for over four decades, Indigenous communities have witnessed multinational oil companies cut through their ancestral lands in search of the country’s vast petroleum resources. According to the report “Amazon Crude,” Texaco alone was responsible for dumping 19 billion gallons of toxic wastewater into the region while drilling for oil, contaminating the drinking water of Ecuador’s Amazon communities.

When Chevron acquired Texaco in 2001, the new company became accountable for all of Texaco’s liabilities.

Because Texaco contaminated the groundwater and soil, harmful effects spanned the entire ecosystem, including endangering the lives of more than 125,000 indigenous men, women and children who drink, bathe, fish and wash their clothes in tainted headwaters of the Amazon River.

Chevron is responsible for endangering one of the most biologically-diverse areas on the planet, but they also violated basic human rights to health, sanitation and a clean environment.

The company can play a role in transforming the Amazon, but it must start now.

Sign a petition here: http://www.change.org/amnestyusa/petitions/view/chevron_clean_up_your_mess_in_the_amazon

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