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Call for environmental justice projects at March for EJ in the America’s Oct. 2, New Haven

UPDATE: New Haven/León Sister City Project invites submissions of artistic projects (fun, serious, challenging, humorous, etc) that call attention to climate change and environmental injustice.

Possible themes of projects might include transportation, trash, food sustainability, carbon reduction, workers’ rights, etc. Projects must be mobile or carry-able, and made mostly of recycled materials.  Messages of Projects should support education, action, policy change, and environmental justice. Projects will be displayed along the route of the March for Environmental Justice in the Americas to be held in New Haven on Oct. 2.

This March, held in honor of Gandhi’s birthday and his 1930 Salt March to the Sea to push the British out of India, is approximately 2 miles long and starts at 10am at Long Wharf Drive near Amistad Pier and Leon’s Restaurant,  ending at noon  at the Federal Building. It will make several stops around New Haven to promote awareness about climate change and environmental justice.

Details: New Haven/León Sister City Project,  203-562-1607 or www.newhavenleon.org

In the wake of the Gulf oil spill and in the face of climate change, the  Campaign for Environmental Justice in the Americas is announcing the March for Environmental Justice in the Americas on Saturday Oct. 2, 2010. The March will begin at 10am on Long Wharf Drive (by Leon’s Restaurant) and will go past oil tanks, the CT Department of Transportation, the abandoned English Station plant, the Federal Building, and other environmental justice sites.

Speakers at stops along the route will address environmental justice issues related to oil, English Station, transportation policies, Nicaragua and industrial agriculture, mega-development projects in Panama, the Gulf oil spill, mountain top removal in West Virginia, and climate change.

The March will also include art presentations and music, and will call for new economic and environmental policies that respect people and the planet. There will be a focus on the disproportionate impact on marginalized (low income, people of color, etc) communities.  The March is also taking place on Gandhi’s birthday and participants will be encouraged to get more involved in nonviolent efforts to create a more just economy.

The Campaign is a project of New Haven Leon Sister City Project which works to support education and social justice in Nicaragua (www.newhavenleon.org).  Our work in rural Nicaragua has shown the importance of addressing environmental issues. We have had to work to respond to an epidemic of chronic renal insufficiency in sugar cane workers there related to chemical used in cane production, and the community of Goyena (where NH/LSCP programs are focused) is still recovering from the destruction of Hurricane Mitch in 1998.

Mark your calendar….All welcome…!!!!

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