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Illinois and the peace process, By Ray Hanania

Rahm Emanuel served as a “volunteer” in Israel’s military, repairing trucks, but he has refused to discuss the facts surrounding that role, or explain why he didn’t serve in the US military.

The media that beat up Scott Lee Cohen is touting Emanuel as the leading candidate to become Chicago mayor. He is one of the smartest minds in American politics, and was the architect of the Democratic takeover of the US House.

Emanuel’s role as chief adviser to Obama shows he cares about supporting genuine peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

But it has caused him some problems with Chicago Jews, who feel Obama has been too supportive of Palestinians.

The writer, Ray Hanania, is an award winning columnist and Chicago radio talk show host. www.YallaPeace.com.

Read the whole story here: Yalla Peace: Illinois and the peace process.

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