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Stop the War Coalition Annual National Conference: Oct. 30, London

The past year has been very eventful for Stop the War Coalition, including our protest when Tony Blair appeared before the Iraq Inquiry, the two emergency demonstrations following Israel’s murderous attack on the Gaza aid flotilla, which brought tens of thousands on to London’s streets, the packed public meeting to welcome soldier Joe Glenton on his release from prison, and a series of public meetings in the House of Commons calling for the withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan.

Around the country, local Stop the War groups have organised hundreds of events, including public meetings, debates, local protests and vigils.

Annual National Conference

Our annual national conference in London on 30 October will debate our policies, strategy and campaigns for the coming year. The continuing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the threat of an attack on Iran, the siege of Gaza, and the escalating Islamophobia in Britain, will all be part of our discussions.

The conference will include a number of notable guest speakers, including Tony Benn, Guardian journalist Seumas Milne and Joy Gordon, author of Invisible War: The United States and the Iraq Sanctions.

Stop the War Coalition Annual National Conference
Saturday 30 October 10.00am – 5.30pm
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square
London WC1R 4RL (Tube: Holborn)

Get all the detailshere: stopwar.org.uk.

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