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War Logs Now and in the Future by Michael Schwartz

On Friday October 22nd WikiLeaks released the “Iraq War Logs,” in what they described as “the largest classified military leak in history.” The Logs, almost 400,000 reports in total, detail the deaths of 109,000 people, the wounding of 170,000 people, and the detaining of nearly 200,000 people over the course of six years. Below is an interview with Michael Schwartz, conducted by Chris Spannos, about the War Logs—what they mean now and might mean in the future.

Michael Schwartz’ most recent book, War Without End: The Iraq War in Context, was published in 2008. It describes the political and economic causes and consequences of the Iraq war, analyzing how the roots of the war in the militarized geopolitics of oil led the U.S. to dismantle the Iraqi state and economy while fueling a sectarian civil war. A professor of sociology at Stony Brook State University, Schwartz is the author of award winning books on popular protest and insurgency (Radical Protest and Social Structure), and on American business and government dynamics (The Power Structure of American Business, with Beth Mintz). His work on post 911 U.S. foreign policy and military interventions has appeared in numerous academic and popular outlets, including ZNet, TomDispatch, Asia Times, Mother Jones, Cities and Contexts. His email address is ms42@optonline.net.

Read: War Logs Now and in the Future by Michael Schwartz | ZNet Article.

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