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350.org’s May Boeve says ‘show your climate solidarity’

From May Boeve, of 350.org.

Dear friends,

Climate negotiations can seem quite abstract sometimes.

I’m here in Cancún , Mexico , where UN delegates from around the world spend hours debating details of complex regulations.  Sometimes it seems that everyone has forgotten a crucial fact: the climate is changing much faster than these negotiations are moving.

Meanwhile, out in the real world, climate impacts are all too visible. Since the negotations began 10 days ago, climate disasters have struck all over the world: flooding in Australia , Venezuela , the Balkans, Columbia , India ; wildfires in Israel , Lebanon , Tibet ; freak winter storms in Europe and the United States . These events have been devastating–hundreds are dead, and hundreds of thousands have been affected.

These disasters are not merely stories of despair and tragedy; they also contain hints of hope and solidarity. As the fires raged in Israel , its neighbors in the conflicted region–including Palestine and Jordan –immediately sent aid and fire trucks. As floods devastated Albania , Greece and Turkey deployed medical teams and police to help with the evacuation.

These are stories about how the world can stand together in the face of a crisis. To make a breakthrough on climate in the UN, we need to show the same kind of solidarity.

Just inside the main entrance of the UN conference center, 350.org has a booth set up with photos from the eARTh project, from the 10/10/10 Global Work Parties, and from 350 rallies around the world. And tonight we’re holding the closing ceremony of the Great Power Race project–highlighting the stories of students in China , India , and the US leading the way towards clean energy and climate solutions.

You won’t believe the diversity of delegates that come up to us and thank us for the work that you all are doing. Many of them are from countries on the front lines of the climate crisis–the very countries that are working hard for an ambitious climate treaty that can get the world back down below 350ppm. In fact the latest draft of the negotiating text includes a 350 target!

But ambitious, science-based targets like 350ppm might still get cut. The bloc of ambitious countries pushing for a 350 target are under tremendous pressure by the biggest polluters to remove strong emissions targets altogether.  Unless there is a global outpouring of solidarity in support of these small countries who are taking a bold stance, we might end up with a watered-down and ineffective climate deal.

Can you take a minute to show your solidarity with these bold countries? We’ll deliver your messages of support directly to delegates here in Cancún, and let them know the world is standing with them: www.350.org/show-solidarity

This movement has always been about solidarity–and we are incredibly grateful to you for being a part of it.


May Boeve for the 350.org team

P.S. Moments like these are crucial for showing your friends what’s at stake, and why you care so much. Please join us in sharing what’s happening in Cancun with your friends and family on Facebook & Twitter.

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