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Young peacebuilders celebrate 9th anniversary in Kosovo

More than 350 peacebuilders from different ethnic groups and communities of Kosovo came together to celebrate the 9th anniversary of the World Vision-supported Kids for Peace clubs. While ethnic divisions, especially among Serbian and Kosovo ethnic communities continue to be a great challenge for the country, these children gathered together to celebrate nine years of peace, love and friendship that this project has nurtured in their hearts.

Since 2002, the Kids for Peace project has successfully created space for multi-ethnic interaction among children and youth, focusing on building relationships, teaching peace education and increasing cooperation and dialogue among youth throughout Kosovo.

Kids for Peace was a concept conceived by then 15-year-old Fatmire Feka, who gave a World Vision staff member the idea to start Kids for Peace clubs in the divided physical and emotional landscape of post-war Kosovo. In 2005 Fatmire was among one of the 1,000 women nominated for the collective Nobel Peace prize and in 2009 the Kids for Peace project was the winner of the World Vision International Peace prize.

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