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U.S. Savage Imperialism, Part 2 by Noam Chomsky

It’s pretty common now for supporters of the Palestinians and Palestinian leaders themselves to say, “Well, we have to abandon hope in the two-state solution.” As one of the Palestinian leaders said, “We should give Israel the key and let them take over the entire West Bank. It will be one state, we’ll then carry out a civil rights struggle. We can win that one, like South Africa.” But this view overlooks a simple point of logic. Those are not the two options. There is a third option, namely that the U.S. and Israel continue doing exactly what they are doing. They’re not going to take control of the West Bank. They don’t want it. They don’t want the Palestinians. So the analogy to South Africa’s anti-apartheid struggle is pretty misleading. South Africa needed its black population. They were its workforce. They couldn’t get rid of them. They were 85 percent of the population doing the work of the country. So, as under slavery, they had to take care of them. Bantustans were bad enough, but they were intended to be more or less viable because it was necessary to reproduce the workforce. That’s not true for Israel and the Palestinians. Israel doesn’t want to take responsibility for them, rather it wants them to get out. It’s like the United States and the indigenous population. There’s no sense in taking care of them, just exterminate that “hapless race” of Native Americans.

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