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‘Eco-cide’ should be criminized in negligence cases. ‘No Cash for Nature.’

LONDON (AlertNet) – ‘Ecocide’ – the destruction of ecosystems – should be criminalised when people are culpable and when they have been negligent in some way, Andrew Waite, vice president of the European Environmental Law Association, said at an event held in London by Net Impact recently.

Read the story and watch the video interview here: ‘Eco-cide’ should be criminized in negligence cases – lawyer – AlertNet.


LONDON (AlertNet) – Criminalising ‘ecocide’ – the destruction of ecosystems – is an idea that “just has to come,” says David Hart, an environmental lawyer and advocate of ‘wild law’.

Read more here: Turning environmental destruction into a crime against peace – AlertNet.

LONDON (AlertNet) – Current environmental measures do not go far enough to protect the planet, argues Polly Higgins, an international environmental lawyer and the author of “Eradicating Ecocide”, a book about criminalising the destruction of ecosystems .

Read more here:  ‘Eco-cide’ should rank alongside genocide, author argues – AlertNet.

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