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10 reasons why the Fiscal Commission should consider reductions in military spending | FCNL Issues

1. Military spending accounts for half of the discretionary budget – too big to ignore

2. Military spending has doubled in the last ten years – worth taking a look at

3. The Pentagon budget has a history of cost overruns — $300 billion above what Congress authorized for various weapons systems in the last 5 years

4. The Pentagon budget has not been accountable to Congress – no audits

5. Pentagon contracting is out of control – standards, quality control and review for redundancies could yield significant efficiencies and savings. Retired Army Lt. General John Vines – we don’t even know if all this activity is making us safer.

6. The U.S. military budget accounts for 46.5 percent of global military spending.

7. U.S. presence in the world includes hundreds of military bases in Europe – particularly in Germany. Are these bases necessary to legitimate U.S. missions?

8. The military budget is funding weapons systems that the Pentagon does not want or need for current missions.

9. Military contracts are not a job-creation engine. Military dollars spent in a state yield the least number of jobs, compared to investments in health, education, transportation, and even tax cuts.

10. Local economies are not dependent on job creation through military dollars. In 42 states, at least 95 percent of the gross state domestic product does not arise from military contracts with local companies. Alaska, Connecticut, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Arizona, and Maryland, receive military contracts that equal between 5 and 6 percent of their State Domestic Products. Even in Virginia, which hosts the Pentagon, 90 percent of the state’s economy relies on non-military goods and services.

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