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Yale losing last Palestinian professor | Yale Daily News

After being passed over for promotion, the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations’ only Palestinian professor is leaving Yale.

Hala Nassar, assistant professor of modern Arabic culture and literature, was not promoted to associate professor this year. According to Yale’s promotion policies, Nassar — the department’s only professor of Palestinian descent and only expert on modern Palestinian culture and thought — must leave at the end of this spring.

Nassar came to Yale in 2003 and served as the department’s director of undergraduate studies until 2008, when her proposal to add a modern Middle Eastern studies major was approved. Nassar said that while Yale has many political specialists and professors who work in Arab prehistory and classical literature, the department is lacking in modern Arab cultural experts.

Department Chair John Darnell said the department will miss Nassar on a scholarly and personal level, but has “no intention of leaving that position vacant.” Darnell said he is confident that the provost’s office will approve a proposal to hire a replacement for Nassar, and hopes the approval comes sooner rather than later.

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