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‘A Family Devastated in Gaza’ | The Struggle

Jen Marlowe short film of family living in tent in Gaza explains how their house was destroyed, most were injured and the son was executed. Complete Jen Marlowe film. Show begins with Hartford demonstration in support of Libya


Revealed in the “White House Diary”

Stanley Heller reports:

I’ve been examining Jimmy Carter’s “White House Diary”. I wanted to see what he felt about the Shah, Israeli collaboration with South Africa, the infamous Brzezinski interview about Afghanistan, and the massacre in Kwangju, Korea. The first matter is of special importance now in the face of charges that the allegedly weak human rights oriented Carter let Iran get taken over by anti-American extremists.

Originally the diary was made up of 5,000 pages of typed entries. The published book is not all the entries, but Carter says of what he did publish he decided “not to revise his original transcript”. He does add short paragraphs here and there to add context or to reflect from the vantage point of 2010.

The neo-cons these days are floating the story that the U.S. must stick by its “allies” no matter how tyrannical and should not repeat the mistake of allegedly human rights obsessed Carter who deserted the Shah. In the “Diary” I can’t find a shred of evidence backing this notion. In fact Carter not only stood with the Shah to the bitter end, but urged him on when he appeared to be “weakening”.

article continues at http://www.thestruggle.org/revealed.html

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