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Bernie Dwyer screening video in New Haven, 6 p.m., April 4

There are fighting, bloody wars that the U.S. starts and we sometimes see on the nightly news. Then there are the subversive wars that we rarely or never hear about.

“The Day Democracy Died”
Monday, April 4th, 2011
6:00 PM
New Haven Free Public Library
Corner Elm & Temple
Light refreshments

A documentary by Bernie Dwyer & Roberto Ruiz Rebo, this excellent new DVD sets the record straight on the arrest and subsequent imprisonment of 75 Cubans in 2003. The 75 have been widely upheld by some human rights organizations as independent spokespeople purely engaged in speaking out in Cuba. They are always depicted as independent librarians, independent trade unionists, and independent journalists. Their cases have been at the center of the campaign against Cuba promoted within the US and echoed by anti-Cuban groups and indeed governments across Europe. This film shows clearly that the term ‘independent’ is quite ridiculous in these cases. Rather than being convicted for speaking out they were in fact found guilty of receiving orders and payment from the United States as part of that government’s strategy to create a dissident movement as a tool to undermine the Cuban social system.

Dwyer will discuss the US covert war against Cuba for over 50 years, how Cuban reality is forced under the radar of the American public as the terms “human rights” and “democracy” become code words for US aggression.

Dwyer produced the documentary, “Che, the Irish Legacy,” on Che Guevara’s visit to Ireland in 1964 and his Irish roots.

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