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IVAW puts Fort Hood Commander on watch | Iraq Veterans Against the War

Six members of Iraq Veterans Against the War Operation Recovery Team went to Fort Hood Commander, General Campbell’s office to deliver a letter requesting he meet with them about the plight of traumatized troops under his command.  They were turned away, then surrounded by Fort Hood security officials who became sympathetic to their cause when they identified ourselves as veterans who are dealing with PTSD.  But they were ultimately escorted off base.

In response, IVAW representatives held a press conference about the issue of un-treated trauma that is ravaging the Fort Hood community as well as the military at large.  They then erected a guard tower across from the gates of Fort Hood as a symbolic act to let Commander Campbell know they are keeping watch over his actions (or lack thereof) when it comes to the health and well-being of soldiers at Fort Hood.  As they stood watch at the gates of Fort Hood, they handed out more than 200 purple ribbons to soldiers entering the base.  These ribbons symbolize IVAW’s solidarity with the tens of thousands of soldiers who are suffering from un-treated trauma because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Service members who experience PTSD, TBI, MST, and combat stress have the right to exit the traumatic situation and receive immediate support, and compensation.? Too often, service members are forced to redeploy back into dangerous combat, or train in situations that re-traumatize them. We say, individuals suffering from trauma have the right to remove themselves from the source of the trauma. Service members who are not physically or mentally healthy shall not be forced to deploy or continue service.

Read more here: Operation Recovery – IVAW.org.

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