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The battle lines are drawn | Popular Resistance

Israel’s UN ambassador met with major American Jewish organizations telling them to work hard to ensure there will not be passage of any votes on Palestine at the UN. President Obama met with 80 influential Jewish donors (who each gave $25-35,000 to attend the private dinner with the President) and Obama assured them that the U.S. has iron-clad commitment to Israel. He stated to them that any differences with the current Israeli government are not about goals and strategies but merely minor tactical differences among close friends and allies. Money and weapons will keep flowing and American lives will continue to be threatened and shed for this Zionist cash. Fatah and Hamas are dragging their feet and have yet to follow on their promises of putting together a unity “authority” (although the term is misleading as there is no authority under occupation) let alone allowing for a constitution of a representative Palestinian National Council (the main demand of the Palestinian people).

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