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BREAKING: Climate hero imprisoned — and how we respond | 350.org

Just a few hours ago, Tim DeChristopher was sentenced in federal court in Utah to 24 months in prison for his creative act of civil disobedience protesting new gas and oil leases. The sentence is outrageous — the government charged him with financial fraud, as if he’d done what he did to make a buck, not a point.

Was the intent was to send a message: don’t try to interfere with the all-powerful fossil fuel industry? Instead of meekly complying, 350.org says we need to do just the opposite.

It’s time to stand up and help defuse the largest carbon bomb on the planet:

The Keystone XL pipeline is a dangerous and destructive project that would pump over one million barrels of dirty “tar sands” oil from Canada to the USA every day. The oil in the Keystone pipeline could poison drinking water, threaten the communities it runs through, and wreck the climate.

But there’s good news: the Keystone XL pipeline cannot be built without a “presidential permit” from the Obama Administration. Let’s turn up the pressure to make sure President Obama rejects the pipeline.

The clock is ticking: the State Department has said it will make a final decision on whether or not to issue a presidential permit deeming the pipeline in our “national interest” by the end of this year. We know more pollution and more climate change are not in any nation’s interest, so we’re calling on President Obama to step up and display the kind of leadership that so many people expected when they voted him into office. If we reach our goal of 35,000 signatures, we’ll arrange a high-profile delivery in Washington DC.

Please sign on today by filling out the form in the box on the right.

(And if you’re interested in engaging in civil disobedience to stop the tar sands, check out this separate effort at www.TarSandsAction.org)

Read more from Bill McKibben in The Huffington Post:

Because the oil and gas under that ground needs to stay there. The carbon it contains is, we now know, ruinous — it’s what is heating the atmosphere, setting new temperature records every day. If you sweated through last week’s record heat, if your crops are withering in the southwest’s epic drought, if you watched the Mississippi swallow your town — then Tim DeChristopher acted for you.

Read more here: Bill McKibben: Tim DeChristopher Is Going to Jail, Now It’s Our Turn.

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