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A New U.S. Policy for Two New Sudans | Enough

By: John Prendergast

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A new U.S. policy—rooted in the international responsibility to protect civilian life and democracy promotion—is desperately needed for these two new Sudans. A number of factors create an enabling environment for a bold change in U.S. and broader international policy:

  • South Sudan’s independence offers an opportunity to press restart in how the United States and the broader international community deal with Khartoum.
  • Ivory Coast and Libya demonstrate that the international community is willing to act to protect civilians at extreme risk.
  • The support for democratic aspirations in Egypt shows that previously unthinkablechange is possible in that region.
  • The Obama administration’s policy shift on Syria shows there is a point where internal repression and human rights abuses require the United States to back away from previous policy.

Read more here: A New U.S. Policy for Two New Sudans | Enough.

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