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The peace industry can win its ‘war’ | Vision of Humanity

Conflicts around the world are both changing and, in some measure, declining. One big reason: The art of conflict resolution and the numbers of people practicing it have risen.

Audiences at a beauty pageant often cringe when a contestant, asked about her life goal, responds “I want to promote world peace!” These days, however, that’s not such a bad profession to be in.

Over the last 15 years, the world community has not only learned more about preventing and ending conflicts but the success rate for peacemaking has also gone up.

A number of research groups keep track of conflicts around the globe – their numbers, their origins, and their resolutions. Most find hope for reducing war and violence in some measure because of people who, yes, promote peace.

Compared to the 20th century, many more conflicts these days are being negotiated to a conclusion than are being started. “Wars between states are far less common than they were in the past,” declares a 2011 World Bank report, “and civil wars are declining in number.”

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