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The Peace Alliance gets new face and promotes ‘Faces of Peace’

The Peace Alliance has announced the launch of The Faces of Peace, a story-based initiative shining a bright spotlight on what peace and peacebuilding looks like in the 21st century. Highlighting the inspiring work and daily choices of peace in all its forms happening across our country RIGHT NOW!

Imagine… millions of people being exposed to the uplifting stories of ordinary people who make our world a more peaceful place.

  • Teachers who bring conflict resolution education into classrooms
  • Practitioners working in prison programs that help inmates turn their lives around
  • Individuals learning new skills and taking daily actions to be more peaceful at home, at work, and in communities
  • Sophisticated programs and policies that can prevent conflict from erupting into violence, including war
  • There are countless examples, both large and small, that can be spotlighted and implemented at a much larger scale. See “Faces of Peace” now.

Today also marks the launch of their new Peace Alliance website. They’ve been without a fully functioning site for a few months. This new site should provide useful news, resources and information to help support peacebuilding advocacy. There are many new features and better organized tools.

Check it out!

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