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Peacemakers Needed for Oct 6th Action in DC | Veterans For Peace

As you know the October 2011 Movement to occupy Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC, is building, and veterans are playing a key role in what will possibly be a historically significant event. Peacekeepers are an essential element in ensuring that nonviolence is observed by a crowd that well may number in the thousands.

Veterans are uniquely positioned to play this important role. Our estimation at this time is that we will need an ongoing presence of trained, courteous and respectful peacekeepers. We would like to have at least 50 veterans to help fill these crucial positions. We will have an essential peacekeeper training and orientation session in DC on Wednesday, Oct. 5 (exact time and place to be announced), and perhaps during the occupation as well.

We are hoping that your chapter can select one or two volunteers and send them to Washington, DC. Each peacekeeper will be provided with a t-shirt and hooded sweatshirt with the Stop the Machine logo on the front and the word “peacekeeper” on the front and back, as we want to make sure all the peacekeepers will be easily identifiable. (We are asking the peacekeepers to pay cost or whatever they can afford for these.)

Read more here: Veterans For Peace :: News Item.

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