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The New American Jujitsu | The Nation

The attacks of September 11 were many things. Among the most important, we can see now that a decade has passed, is that they were a portal into a phantasmal world, in which the United States has wandered ever since.

The great crime itself eerily foreshadowed the trend by fusing the real with the unreal, the actual with the apocryphal. With its use of passenger-laden aircraft to smash into giant buildings filled with office workers, it was designed to create blood-soaked spectacle, to bring movie-type horror to life. The World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon were clearly chosen for their symbolic value. And then, in a chance twist, unanticipated even by the attacks’ planners (one is tempted to say “producers”), the consequences expanded further into the realm of fantasy when not one but both of the towers fell, as if mischievous gods had sided for the moment with the evildoers.

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