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here: Pakistan: mission impossible | Editorial – The Guardian

Using aid agencies as cover for intelligence operations is not only deeply cynical. It is dangerous. It endangers the lives of thousands of aid workers who cannot escape or be flown out of the country at a moment’s notice as the eight expats were. In Pakistan’s case, the anger generated by drone attacks and the CIA’s covert operations fills the coffers of the Taliban. When Imran Khan says that his is the “only country in history which keeps on getting bombed, through drone attacks, by our ally”, and that 35,000 people have been killed in a war that has nothing to do with them, he is surely expressing the feelings of more than just his party. It is hard to find a quicker way to subvert the good that aid does than to militarise it.

Read more here: Pakistan: mission impossible | Editorial | Comment is free | The Guardian.

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