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Iran: bolting the stable door | The Guardian

It really is time to drop the pretence that Iran can be deflected from its nuclear path

How often before have we been at this weary crossroads? First comes a flurry of leaks about Iran’s nuclear programme, always tending to suggest, without being able to absolutely prove, that Tehran is working to acquire nuclear weapons capacity. Then come the warnings from Israel, complete with scraps of information which seem to indicate that Tel Aviv might contemplate a pre-emptive strike on Iranian installations. Then murmurings and manoeuvring in Washington, and sometimes in London or Paris, with the usual cliches about military action not being “off the table”. Finally the report from the International Atomic Energy Agency drops, and there are a few days of simulated panic and fraudulent fulminations from all sides, including that of Iran. New negotiations and half-hearted sanctions may or – more likely – may not follow.

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