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United National Antiwar Coalition National Conference March 23-25, 2012 – Stamford Hilton Hotel, CT

A dispatch from the United National Antiwar Coalition:

Say No! to the NATO/G8 Wars and Poverty Agenda

A Conference to Challenge the Wars of the 1% Against the 99% Abroad and at Home.

Next spring, international military, financial, and political leaders who serve the 1% at home and abroad will meet in Chicago to discuss their economic and military strategies for the planet for the coming period.

At the invitation of the White House, the 28-nation US-commanded and largely US-financed North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the G-8 world economic powers are meeting in Chicago, May 15-22, 2012.

The NATO generals and G8 heads of state and finance ministers are the team that is imposing austerity on the working people of the world in the interest of expanding profits. In many places, economic “reform” is enforced at the point of a gun – by drones, armies, and police.

In May, those of us struggling against the tyranny of the banks and the corporate elite, those of us fighting against job loss, foreclosure, cuts to education, and the restriction of our democratic rights, will march in Chicago. The authorities intend to deny us our constitutional rights to peacefully and legally protest. We must challenge them and bring thousands to Chicago to stand in solidarity with all those fighting US-backed austerity and war around the globe.

To plan these actions and further actions against the program of endless war that necessarily accompanies the austerity drives of the global elite, we will meet in a large national conference March 23-25 in Stamford CT. This conference will bring together activists from the occupy movements, the antiwar movement, and all the constituencies representing the 99% engaged in struggle for economic equality. We will demand that Washington Bring Our War Dollars Home Now! and use these trillions immediately for human needs.

The conference program will feature movement leaders, educators, grassroots activists, 40 workshops, and discussion/voting sessions on an action program.

Workshop topics include: Occupy Wall St. Movement ? Global Economic Crisis, Climate Crisis, and War ? Women and War ? War at Home on Black Community and the Role of Mass Incarceration ? War on the U.S.-Mexico Border ? Islamophobia as a Tool of War ? War and the Labor’s Fight Back ? The Truth about Iran ? Afghanistan after Ten Years of Occupation ? Is the U.S. Really Withdrawing from Iraq? ? Pakistan: How US Wars Hurt the Movements of Workers, Farmers, and Women ? Updates on Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, and Yemen ? What Next for the Arab Spring ? Occupation of Haiti ? U.S. Intervention in Honduras, Colombia, and the rest of Latin America ? Drone War and Weapons in Space ? Fight for Our Right to Protest ? Civil Liberties ? Guantanamo ? Torture and Rendition ? New Scramble for Africa ? Why Are U.S. Combat Troops in Central Africa? ? Somalia ? Control of Media ? Imperialism ? Nonviolence & Direct Action ? Palestine: UN Recognized Statehood or Civil Resistance ? Breaking the Siege of Gaza ? Veterans Rights ? Immigrant Rights and War

A conference highlight will be the relationship between the Wars Abroad and the racist War at Home on the Black Community. Speakers will address the massive unemployment and the New Jim Crow of mass incarceration, 24/7 surveillance, entrapment, police brutality, the prison industry, and the racist death penalty, as well as the way in which mobilizing around these issues are central to effective movement building.

To register for the conference, click here.

Sleeping room reservations.

Go directly to the special convention page put up by the hotel. Click here.


To submit a resolution for the conference voting sessions, please sent it to UNACpeace@gmail.com. Put “Conference Resolution” in the subject line of the email

To submit a proposal for a workshop, please click here.

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