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Egypt’s Ongoing Uprising | CrimethInc. Far East Blog

Just in time for the anniversary of the beginning of the Egyptian uprising, Crimeth.Inc received this report from a comrade who participated in the most recent clashes in Cairo. It offers an overview of the current context in Egypt, along with photos and video footage from the front lines.

Live from the Streets of Cairo

When we heard gunshots coming from the cabinet building, we were certain they were blanks. Despite having seen the military use live rounds earlier that day, we had a naïve sense of security amongst the thousands in the streets.

When the screams and panic erupted as one of the people standing next to me was shot in the neck and rushed to the ambulances at the back of the crowd, we stayed put, along with most of the crowd. The calm we felt was a testament to a feeling of strength in numbers we had never experienced before.

For more on this story, visit: CrimethInc. Far East Blog » Egypt’s Ongoing Uprising.

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