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Karzai assured of help on peace | The Nation

ISLAMABAD – Welcoming the presidents of Afghanistan and Iran, Pakistani leadership Thursday expressed its hope that trilateral summit would lead to enhanced cooperation for peace, security, stability and economic development in the region.

The third round of trilateral summit being hosted by Pakistan comes at a critical juncture when Afghan government has begun peace talks with Taliban and tensions between Iran and Israel are at their peak.

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WASHINGTON—Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Thursday applauded Afghan President Hamid Karzai for telling an interviewer that the U.S., the Afghan government and the Taliban recently held three-way talks aimed at moving toward a political settlement of the war.

“What President Karzai’s statement confirmed is that Afghanistan is now very much involved in the process of reconciliation,” Panetta told reporters at the Pentagon. “That’s extremely helpful and important to determining whether or not we are ultimately going to be able to succeed with reconciliation.”

Karzai made his comments to The Wall Street Journal in an interview published Thursday.

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