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Syria Plants Anti-Personnel Mines on Turkish Border | RSN

The Syrian military in the past month planted a band of anti-personnel mines along stretches of the border with Turkey, where last year more than 10,000 Syrian refugees fled the Assad regime’s crackdown on the pro-democracy “Arab Spring” uprising, Syrian witnesses said.

After a family of five were reported severely injured in a new minefield last month, Syrian civilians, operating with primitive means – an axe, a rope and the guidance of a volunteer who’d had mine- clearance training in military service – unearthed hundreds of those mines and reopened the way to safety, volunteers said.

The mines were Russian made PMN-2 pressure mines. They consist of a green plastic casing and a black cruciform-like pressure plate, which detonates the charge inside.

For more on this story, visit: Syria Plants Anti-Personnel Mines on Turkish Border.

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