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Every Empire Leaves Afghanistan | A dispatch from RootsAction

The U.S. occupation of Afghanistan will not last forever. All empires end up leaving.

The question is: How long?

The Obama Administration and NATO are seeking a treaty that would keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan indefinitely as “support.”  But a recent CBS/N.Y. Times poll found that 80% of the U.S. public wants all troops home by the end of 2014 or sooner (47% want all troops home sooner).

There’s a bill in the House of Representatives that would speed it up to RIGHT NOW. The bill has 70 cosponsors. RootsAction writes:
Let’s add 30 more.

Afghanistan is the longest U.S. war ever.  Even President George W. Bush created a treaty that required all troops to leave Iraq, and the Iraqis compelled Obama to abide by it.  The question now, crazy as it may seem, is whether we can end a war without Bush.

Let’s show Obama that we’re still for peace.

How long must it take to end a war against al Qaeda in a nation without al Qaeda?
How long to end a war in which our dollars fund both sides?
How long to end a war for women’s rights that kills women and their children for an Afghan government that backs wife-beating?
How long to stop pretending this is for our troops while their top cause of death is suicide?
How long to stop spending $300 million per day?

Tell our government the time to end this war is now!

Onward, Aimee, David, Sarah and the RootsAction team

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