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The fraud of ‘humanitarian wars’ | Salon.com

All wars, even the most unjustifiably aggressive, are wrapped in the same pretty rhetorical packaging

By Glenn Greenwald

Last month, I spoke at the University of Chicago as part of an event entitled “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Empire: Humanitarian Intervention and Neo-Orientalism.” Sponsored by the Muslim Students Association, the event also included Oxford Professor Tariq Ramadan, law professor and U.N. war crimes expert M. Cherif Bassiouni, and University of Chicago Professor Jennifer Pitts. My talk, roughly 30 minutes long, focused on how so-called “humanitarian interventions” are manipulatively used to justify wars of aggression and self-interest, and can be heard on the player below (my talk begins at roughly 57:40: simply move the cursor to that mark, as it loads quickly). The full event, including the other three talks and the question-and-answer session – all of which was really quite excellent — can also be viewed on the player below by starting at the beginning, or can be heard here.

For more of this story, visit:  The fraud of “humanitarian wars” – Salon.com.

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