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Slum flattened in Kathmandu; 1,500 evicted | Daily Times

* Angry residents throw stones at police carrying shields and batons

* Many slum-dwellers flee, carrying clothes, furniture

KATHMANDU: Residents of a slum in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu told on Wednesday how the homes they had lived in for up to 20 years were bulldozed to make way for a riverside park.

About 1,500 people were forced out of their houses by riot police on Tuesday in the first phase of a government-ordered slum clearance scheme along the banks of Bagmati river. “I cried my heart out when I saw bulldozers demolishing our home,” 34-year-old Manju Adhikari, a mother of daughters aged 15 and 17, told AFP. “When my younger girl came back from school, she asked me where were we going to live. I didn’t have the answer. We have nowhere to go.”

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