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What does the Chicago Spring look like?

The summit meeting of NATO leaders next Friday in Chicago will be met with a counter summit and demonstrations.
NATO projects the Pentagon’s power. European militaries buy made-in-the-USA weapons.
The city of Chicago is working overtime to keep protesters and their message out. Canceling march permits and threatening police violence.
Why does Rahm Emanuel act like Hosni Mubarak? Who wrote their playbook? Find out! Come to the US Peace Council’s workshop on Friday the 18th in Chicago: Humanitarian Imperialism: How the 1% use the military and NATO to enrich themselves.
Panelists from Ireland, Nepal, Greece, U.S.
Come to Chicago. See NATO Free Future website.

On May 18-20 in Chicago, on the eve of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Summit, join the global grassroots peace and justice movement at the Counter-Summit for Peace and Economic Justice.

Meet the delegations from NATO countries. Hear about what Afghan organizers are doing in the US, Canada and UK to organize in the Afghan community for peace. Exchange with Afghanistan war veterans on their struggles to over come the effects of wars. Learn how peace activists in Europe are organizing to get US nuclear weapons out of bases in their countries, and why we need to work together to prevent a new US – Russian nuclear arms race

28 workshops will explore: NATO’s new role as a global military and economic alliance; organizing a grassroots movement to move the money from the Pentagon to fund jobs and human needs; preventing a war in Iran and ending the war in Afghanistan and wars for all time; campaigning to close US bases around the world; skills-building and training for organizing at the intersection of anti-militarism and economic justice and more.

4 Plenaries with speakers who will examine the interconnections among economic and racial justice, workers rights and peace, militarism at home and abroad.

Speakers include: Sarita Gupta – Jobs with Justice, Suraia Sahar – founding member of Afghans for Peace, Tom Hayden- Peace and Justice Resource Center, Tania Unzueta – Immigrant Youth Justice League, John Nichols – The Nation, Kathy Kelly – Voices for Creative Nonviolence, Vijay Prashad – author of Arab Spring, Libyan Winter, Tobias Pflüger former member of the European Parliament. And others to be confirmed

Register online. Find housing information here.

Check the NATO Free Future website for new articles which explore the issues and challenges we face in working towards a NATO free future.

On May 20 march with the Afghanistan veterans to the NATO Summit to return their medals to the NATO Generals.

Power to the Peaceful! A new global grassroots peace and justice movement is rising.

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