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DemocracyNow! reports from the NATO summit in Chicago

  • “No NATO, No War”: U.S. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Return War Medals at NATO Summit
    We broadcast from Chicago, site of the largest NATO summit in the organization’s six-decade history. On Sunday, veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, as well as members of Afghans…
  • Scott Olsen, U.S. Vet Who Nearly Lost Life at Occupy Protest, Brings Antiwar Message to NATO Summit
    We’re joined at the NATO summit in Chicago by Scott Olsen, who survived two tours in Iraq but almost died when he was hit with a police projectile at an Occupy Oakland protest last…
  • U.S. Army Vets Join with Afghans for Peace to Lead Antiwar March at Chicago NATO Summit
    Sunday’s antiwar march at the NATO summit in Chicago was led by members of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) and Afghans for Peace. “We’re here to protest NATO and call…
  • Chicago Activists Denounce Massive Security Apparatus at NATO Summit Amid Cuts to Social Services
    Hundreds of protesters marched to the home of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s former chief of staff, on Saturday to oppose Emanuel’s cutting of social services while…
  • Chicago Police Face Accusations of Entrapment, Brutality in Crackdown on NATO Protesters
    Dozens of anti-NATO protesters have been arrested in Chicago over the past several days, including five men who were jailed on domestic terrorism charges. Three of the men were accused of…
  • As NATO Coalition Unravels in Afghanistan, Global Activists Question Military Alliance’s Existence
    Delegates from more than 60 countries are taking part in this year’s NATO summit in Chicago. Many international peace activists have also traveled from across the globe to take part…
  • Guitarist, Activist Tom Morello: “Music Can Help Steel the Backbone of Those in the Struggle”
    The musician and activist Tom Morello has performed at a number of rallies and concerts over the past three days at the NATO protests in Chicago. Morello is the longtime guitarist of Rage…
  • Rev. Jesse Jackson at NATO Protests: “People Are Searching for Alternatives to War”
    Rev. Jesse Jackson of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition joined Iraq Veterans Against the War and Afghans for Peace at the head of Sunday’s anti-NATO march in Chicago. “People are here…

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