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Groups reject foreign investment in African farming | Pambazuka

This letter from African civil society critical of foreign investment in African Agriculture at G8 Summit was presented by Mamadou Cissokho,?Honorary President of ROPPA, ?President Steering Committee CDP/CSO, on behalf of farmers who are members of the organizations listed below.

15 May 2012

Mr. President (of the African Union),

Please allow a West African peasant to share with you his preoccupations in the run-up to the G8 Symposium on food security to be held in Washington on 18-19 May 2012 and the G8 on 20 May 2012 at Camp David. Two events at which the food security of our continent will be discussed, following Aquila in 2008 and Paris in 2011.

International debates on financing African agriculture seem to be taking a direction which is not likely to lead to the necessary renewal of approaches. Yet this issue is a fundamental one. The choices that are made today in Sub-Saharan Africa regarding the modalities of agricultural financing and where it is directed will shape the form of agricultural development and the nature of the African food system of tomorrow.

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