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Levy Committee Report: Where are the Palestinians? | B’Tselem

On 9 July 2012, the media published the recommendations of the Levy Committee established to examine “steps to be taken to regularize construction” in Israeli settlements in the West Bank and to recommend “an appropriate process to clarify land issues in the area.” The Committee, composed of retired High Court Justice Edmund Levy, retired Tel Aviv District Court Judge Tehiya Shapira and former Foreign Ministry legal adviser Attorney Alan Baker, was appointed in February 2012 and submitted its conclusions to the prime minister four months later.

The committee was flawed from its creation, given that its purpose was to find ways of legalizing violations of the law. After years in which all organs of the government permitted the establishment of settlements without official government approval, without land having been allocated or master plans approved for them, the government appoints a committee to find ways of making these acts legal.

via Levy Committee Report: Where are the Palestinians? | B’Tselem.

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