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Brazil: Bicycle Brings Books to the Homeless | Global Voices

If good ideas transcend boundaries, this one does it by bicycle. That is, by Bicicloteca [pt], a bicycle that carries a small library through the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

The project is a creative and dynamic way to encourage reading, especially among people who live on the streets, because libraries typically require identification and proof of residence to loan books; documents which homeless people don’t have.

The Bicicloteca initiative has emerged from this very need and has gained support from São Paulo residents, media and businesses. As of August 2012, it has been distributing books and encouraging reading for a year.

The Bicicloteca is ridden by Robson Mendonça, a 61-year-old librarian who used to live on the streets of São Paulo. Reading the George Orwell novel Animal Farm was a catalyst for his change, shifting his perspective and proving that reading transforms people’s lives.

Robson Mendonça keeps this path open so that others can follow it, going out into the streets along with those who sell the magazine Ocas [pt], which has already been discussed in another post, or through the Movimento Estadual da População em Situação de Rua (State Movement for the Homeless Population), which is led by Mendonça and advocates for thousands of homeless people.

For more on this story, visit: Brazil: Bicycle Brings Books to the Homeless · Global Voices.

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