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Congress Pushes for Weapons Pentagon Didn’t Want | Military.com

The Pentagon, which is facing end-of-year cuts that it says could cripple its ability to fight future wars, may spend billions in coming years on weapons systems and programs it says it doesn’t need but are favored by area members of Congress.

The Dayton Daily News analyzed proposed defense budgets for 2013 and identified five programs that Ohio’s congressional delegation is fighting for although Pentagon officials have called them unnecessary and unaffordable.

Critics say these big-ticket items are earmarks in disguise, using the Department of Defense budget for economic stimulus. They also point out that the multi-million dollar contracts are awarded to major campaign contributors.

Defenders of these programs say the Pentagon isn’t flawless, and sometimes doesn’t budget for things it needs. Plus, without the money, lawmakers say Ohio could lose thousands of jobs. The five projects favored by Ohio politicians that are under scrutiny:

– The Global Hawk Block 30 drone program;

– The C-27J Spartan cargo aircraft;

– Upgrades to the M1 Abrams tank;

– Air National Guard funding;

– A proposed East Coast missile defense system.

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