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Experts speak out against war with Iran | The Iran Project

A star-studded panel of former U.S. military officials and national security experts warn of the devastating costs of war with Iran, concluding that attacking Iran could engulf the already-explosive region in a multi-year conflict and encourage Iran to race toward the bomb. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, the Chief of Staff for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, was one of the nearly three dozen experts who signed on to the Iran Project Report.

Read Kate’s summary of this experts report, and find out why the latest IAEA report on Iran demonstrates once again that diplomacy remains the single best way to prevent a devastating war and a nuclear-armed Iran.

The Iran Project was founded in 2002, and became an independent non-governmental entity in 2009.  Due to increased public engagement this year, The Iran Project has created this website to make it easier for you to find information on the organization, follow us in the news, and leave us your comments. We hope to hear from you.

Please see our latest report here: “Weighing the Benefits and Costs of Military Action Against Iran”

See executive summary of the paper here: “Executive Summary”

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