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Dr. David Adams: Toward a Sustainable Culture of Peace: Promoting Enduring Peace 2012 Annual Meeting, Nov. 13, New Haven

Promoting Enduring Peace received word this week that Jonathan Schell, our original guest speaker for Nov. 13, is unable to speak at the PEP annual meeting as previously announced.


Author and Professor Dr. David Adams will deliver the 2012 Promoting Enduring Peace Lecture at 7 p.m. Tuesday Nov. 13 at the First Presbyterian Church of New Haven, 704 Whitney Ave. The event is free and open to the public. The business portion of the annual meeting for members of Promoting Enduring Peace will begin at 5:30. Doors open for the public program at 6:30. All members are encouraged to attend.

Dr. David Adams is the coordinator of the Culture of Peace News Network. He retired in 2001 from UNESCO where he was the Director of the Unit for the International Year for the Culture of Peace, proclaimed for the Year 2000 by the United Nations General Assembly. Following a career as Professor of Psychology for 23 years at Wesleyan University he worked with UNESCO in 1992 to develop the Culture of Peace Programme as a supplement and alternative to military peacekeeping operations. His responsibilities have included development of national culture of peace projects, research and development of the culture of peace concept and training in peace-building and conflict resolution. On behalf of UNESCO he prepared UN documents, including the draft Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace (1999). He helped to develop and publicize the Seville Statement on Violence. He is the author of several books and numerous publications in neurophysiology, cardiovascular physiology, genetics, ethology, biopsychology, social psychology, cross-cultural anthropology, history, and ethics. A number of these studies have helped lay the scientific basis for work towards a culture of peace.

Adams’ presentation will be preceded by a review of Promoting Enduring Peace’s activities from 2012, followed by audience discussion and a reception at which time classical guitarist Robert Messore will perform.

Promoting Enduring Peace is a national tax-exempt peace education organization founded in 1952 to resist the Cold War tide drawing the world toward nuclear catastrophe by encouraging people-to-people diplomacy and a nonviolent transition to a civilization based on cooperation in place of a culture based on violence and war. In the 21st Century its activities include the peacenews.org blog and the annual Gandhi Peace Award. Promoting Enduring Peace’s motto is “Peace on Earth—Peace with Earth”, reflecting the need to bring together the movements for world peace and environmental harmony, given that neither can be attained without the other.

More information is available at pepeace.org/annual-meeting or by calling 202-5-PEPEACE (202-573-7322) or email the Program Director at augusta.girard@pepeace.org.

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