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The real enemy in Gaza | Waging Nonviolence

Standing up for peace in a time of war is not an easy thing; the jingoistic memes that I see floating around on the Internet make this loud and clear. Hate and dehumanization are the norm. The images have maps with false histories embedded in them, or claims that photos of dead Palestinian children and bombed-out lots are not really photos from this campaign. This is all beside the point, and it only serves to make “the conversation” regress.

There is a real conflict happening here, but it certainly didn’t start last week, and it isn’t even close to an even match. The current escalation of violence exists within the context of occupation, not simply self-defense. Israel has vastly superior weapons and controls the majority of Gaza’s borders. Palestinians don’t have the sovereignty necessary to ensure their civil and human rights.

I am not suggesting that this or anything else makes shooting at, hiding behind, injuring or killing civilians acceptable. I don’t think anything could. It’s true that living under rocket fire is terrifying, and so is the daily experience of occupation and the denial of basic rights that Palestinians have endured for decades. Both can be deadly, too.

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