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Exit strategies out of Goma | Pambazuka

With the on-going conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo with the emergence of Rwanda’s proxy, M23, Theogene Rudasingwa puts forward five exit strategies to facilitate a long-term solution to problems in the region

The international community (read: western powers) have put pressure on Kagame to have his creation and proxy, M23, withdraw from Goma. President Kabila is being pressurized to talk to M23, to listen to their grievances. As we have argued, the problems of eastern DRC are partly a Congolese problem of internal weaknesses and, in this latest war, largely due to Rwanda’s internal political and human rights crisis. If the international community is asking Kabila to talk to a Rwanda-created and Rwanda-backed organization (mainly of Tutsi), wouldn’t it be logical that Kagame would be pressurized to listen to the legitimate grievances of Rwandans (Hutu and Tutsi) in both the peaceful and armed opposition? Kagame has totally closed the political space in Rwanda, imprisoned, killed or forced into exile opposition political leaders, journalists and human rights activists.

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