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Measuring international arms transfers | SIPRI

SIPRI is pleased to announce the publication of Measuring international arms transfers.

Consistent, comprehensive data on international arms transfers enables the identification over time of trends in international arms transfers at the global, regional and national levels. There are several different methods for measuring international arms transfers.

This Fact Sheet describes three sources of information for measuring international arms transfers: SIPRI’s measure of the volume of arms transfers; the financial value estimate of the United States Congressional Research Service (CRS); and national government data on the financial value of arms export agreements and deliveries. Using German arms exports in 2011 as a case study, it compares the methods used by SIPRI, the CRS and the German Government to measure German arms exports.

Download the SIPRI Fact Sheet.

About the authors
Dr Paul Holtom (United Kingdom) is Director of the SIPRI Arms Transfers Programme.

Mark Bromley (United Kingdom) is a Senior Researcher with the SIPRI Arms Transfers Programme.

Verena Simmel (Germany) was an research intern with the SIPRI Arms Transfers Programme in 2011. She is currently writing her master’s thesis on German arms exports at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

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