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Is it time to celebrate with Palestine? | Waging Nonviolence

After the overwhelming “yes” vote on Mahmoud Abbas’ bid for Palestinian non-member observer state status at the United Nations on November 29, a friend in Canada wrote to me wondering if I would go and dance in the street in Tel Aviv. I might have been out there dancing if there had been any sign that anyone else was out there that night. I hate dancing alone.

Few in Israel were vocally in support of the bid. Strange, since it was a modest proposal that did nothing to harm Israel and only spoke of raising the status of Palestine in the eyes of the United Nations from an “entity” to a “state,” which seems like a reasonable step toward the “two-state solution” that so many Israelis claim to support. It was also a proposal that would not have any immediate impact on the ground in terms of ending the occupation — although it might have an impact on the way in which we think about what is possible.

The 138 yea votes to 9 nays that the world cast at the U.N. spoke loudly for the right of the Palestinian people to sovereignty. Only Israel, the United States, Canada and a few much smaller countries voted against it, taking a stand against Palestinian freedom — and, by extension, any hope for Israeli freedom.

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