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45 years of broken promises on nukes | Morning Star

The nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) preparatory review conference ends on Friday.

disarmament-iiiIt’s hard to escape the conclusion that the world’s nuclear powers have thrown away yet another opportunity to live up to the commitments they made under the treaty to disarm.

The coalition government in Britain is attempting to renew Trident – with Labour cheering it on.

But Ed Miliband could benefit from revisiting the promises of a previous Labour government on nuclear weapons in the 1960s.

Papers available in the National Archives at Kew show that on January 23 1968 Fred Mulley, then minister of state for foreign affairs, addressed the 358th plenary meeting of the 18-Nation Committee on Disarmament in Geneva.

He was seeking to convince countries to sign up to the newly negotiated NPT.

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