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‘Moderate’ Rouhani Gives Anti-American Speech at UN | Breitbart.com

The newly-elected Iranian leader blasted American policies against his own country, such as economic sanctions, accusing the U.S. of fomenting “violence and extremism” in the region and throughout the world. He criticized U.S. military policies against terrorists, including the use of drones–a popular target for attack at the UN, and one that President Obama felt obliged to defend in his own remarks earlier in the day.

Rouhani closed with an appeal to “hope”–a dig, perhaps, at Obama, who once campaigned on the term. He pledged that Iran would act in accordance “with democracy and the ballot box everywhere,” stating that Iran believed there were “no violent solutions” to crisis–a statement at odds with how the regime defended a stolen election in 2009, and its ongoing intervention in Syria on behalf of Bashar al-Assad’s brutal regime.

For more on this story, visit: ‘Moderate’ Rouhani Gives Anti-American Speech at UN.

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