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A new movement for nonviolent change | Waging Nonviolence

In spite of the enormous violence we face, there are indications that a nonviolent shift may be underway. Proliferating campaigns, tools, research, training, and educational programming geared to mobilizing the power of nonviolent change are increasingly at our disposal. We’re not headed to utopia, but we may be on the road to a world increasingly equipped to create nonviolent solutions to the intractable violence and injustice we face.

This twin awareness of both the sharp pain of violence and, at the same time, the dramatic growth of transformative nonviolence has moved those of us at Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service to ruminate on how we could support this emergent nonviolent shift. We wondered: what if we took a year to study nonviolence? A year to train for nonviolence? A year to form powerful support groups for nonviolence? A year to prepare for nonviolent action, including action fostering a more sane world free from war, poverty, and environmental destruction? A year to take steps toward mainstreaming nonviolence?

Campaign Nonviolence — which launched a few days ago on the International Day of Peace — is the fruit of this reflection.

The idea is simple. Let’s all pledge to take the next year to study nonviolence — and to prepare for nonviolent action.

For more on this story, visit: A new movement for nonviolent change – Waging Nonviolence.

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