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War No More: The Case for Abolition, By David Swanson

“War No More: The Case for Abolition” is available on Powells, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and available for $2 as PDF, ePub, kindle, audio, or iTunes, or at discount when buying 10 or more, all at http://davidswanson.org/warnomore.

Advance Praise for War No More:

“As skeptical as I try to be as a reader, I find myself overwhelmed by the force of David Swanson’s arguments and the startling facts that are on every page. Anyone who abhors war will be inspired by this book.” —Jeff Cohen, author

“Once again, David Swanson punctures our cultural myths about war in a way that is powerful, compelling, and irrefutable.” —Thom Hartmann, author and radio/television host

“This book gives hope that the culture and mindset of militarism, killing, and war can indeed be changed to a culture of peace and nonviolence, and war can be abolished.” —Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate

“This book concisely makes the simple case that war should and can be eliminated from the face of the earth. As a quick read for people who already oppose war but need education and talking points—or as a clincher for those who are still struggling to overcome a lifetime of war propaganda—this book should become a critical and powerful tool for the anti-war movement.” —Nicolas Davies, author

“With logic and passion, David Swanson makes a compelling, eloquent case for what is, or should be, the great moral mission of our era: ending war.” —John Horgan, science writer

“Eugene Debs comes to mind when I think of Swanson’s energy and skill for communicating about abolition of war.” —Kathy Kelly, peace activist

“Do you think that humankind can ever eliminate war? David Swanson makes perhaps as good an argument for the affirmative as can be found. Think of the death penalty. Once considered critical to our security, the death penalty is now universally considered optional and widely considered archaic, counter-productive, and shameful. To an even greater extent, this has been the fate of slavery. Why should war not suffer the same destiny?” —William Blum, author

“David Swanson does it again. Yet another tour de force against war and for peace. This bo ok is required reading for everyone in the Peace Movement. As Swanson argues, we must abolish war before war abolishes us. There will be no International War Criminals Tribunal after World War III. Swanson’s book is a Beacon of Hope to a frightened and paralyzed Humanity.” —Francis A. Boyle, professor

“War No More reminds us that war abolition can be as successful as was slavery abolition—once we recognize that wars are made by societies that tolerate war, and that wars can be avoided by a cultural rejection of war. As long as Americans feel helpless about their ability to have an impact on the U.S. government, wars will continue, but Swanson’s book and his life are antidotes to American helplessness.” —Bruce E. Levine, author

“The ideas in this book have truly opened up a new way for me to think about war; or, to be more specific, ending it.” —Sean McCord, playwright

“I am always impressed and inspired by David’s prolific energy and I admire his unwavering opposition to all war, not just the ones started or continued by Republicans. In War No More, David once again lays out an impeccable case for abolishing war as a tool of Empire.” —Cindy Sheehan, author and peace activist

“Living in the most militarized culture on earth, we can get trapped into thinking that our choices are limited to going to war or doing nothing. In War No More, David Swanson completely destroys this deadly myth. He convincingly and passionately shows there are many options available to our enormously creative minds once we decide war is not an option of last resort—it is no option at all.” —Mike Ferner, former president, Veterans For Peace

“David Swanson writes like he talks; that is to say, in clear, sharp language that gets to the root of the issue, but in a very personal way…as if you are having a one-on-one conversation with him. As a natural follow-on to Swanson’s previous books about war, War is a Lie, and When the World Outlawed War, he brings us to the logical next step: ending war. Swanson shows us that abolishing war is not unfathomable, but that it will take more than just a change in mindset; it will take real action and real work–a movement. Count me in.” —Leah Bolger, former president, Veterans For Peace

“Long ago, abolitionists caused huge discomfort. They still do. The work of David Swanson is in the vital spirit of William Lloyd Garrison, who had a clear answer when a friend urged him to keep more cool because he seemed on fire. ‘I have need to be all on fire,’ Garrison replied, ‘for there are mountains of ice around me to melt.’ Swanson’s new book War No More generates an abundance of heat and light. It will serve as a powerfu l blowtorch for efforts to abolish war.” —Norman Solomon, author

“War No More is a remarkable book, clearing defining why ending war is, indeed, possible. Mr. Swanson, with his usual clarity, candor, and straight-forward thinking, describes both why it must be done, and how that task can be accomplished. Reaching back into history, he demonstrates how other practices, such as slavery, which were thought ‘necessary’ for one reason or another, were eventually abandoned, and makes logical, reasonable comparisons about how the same or similar methods could work in ending war today. I highly recommend this book to anyone who sees the futility, cruelty and horror of war, but may still believe that some war is inevitable. The facts and theories presented in War No More make clear the idea that war can be ended.” —Robert Fantina, author


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